bbPress Review – How To Create a Simple Forum on a WordPress Blog

Hey everybody, Robin here. Today I’m going to be doing a review of the ever so popular bbPress plugin for WordPress. bbPress plugin is a plugin that’s generally used to create a forum on a website.

It works really well with WordPress. It’s really robust. You can do a lot of cool things with it. It works with a lot of themes, good compatibility. It’s one of the top plugins used. It’s also really quick and easy just to get something set up.

I’m going to go find bbPress here. I’m going to install the plugin, and then activate it. (silence) Slowly waiting for the plugin to activate here. There we go. So now this is the homepage for the bbPress plugin.

Welcome to bbPress. All right! I think we’re on the updated version here. Some different news here.

Now, we’re actually going to go and hop into Settings. Let’s go to Forums on the left here. Let’s give it a click. We’re going to create a new forum. Let’s go New Forum. We’re going to enter the … Actually, first thing I’m going to do is just going to create a new page here. Okay. Go back to Forum, and I’m going to show you guys a cool trick later on. We’re actually just going to create a forum.

So let’s go … Our Sample Forum. We can select the type. Forum, obviously. You can make it visible. You want to make it visible. Can hit Publish. If we click on this page here, you can see that it takes us to our sample forum that we just created. Inside that forum you can create topics. I’m going to create a topic. Let’s go to All Forums. Insider forum. Let’s make a new topic.

This is going to be like a post. You can make it a sticky post, do different things like that. You’re going to want to make sure you select the forum you just created.

Let’s type in like an introductory or introductions where people can introduce themselves. Very common thing that most forums have. I’m just going to create a little text here that describes what this post is going to be. You can add tags. I’m just going to add some quick tags here so you can see how they pop up. Can hit Publish.

Now we’ll click View. We’ll view our forum here. Let’s View Topic. This is the topic inside the forum. This is the post itself. Let’s go back. I’m going to show you how that works.

Let’s go to our Sample Forum. Inside our Sample Forum you can see we have our new topic.

If you click on the topic itself, Introductions, you can actually respond to the topic and other things like that. Or not. But if you want, you can navigate back to your forum by click Forums up here. Now you can see the forums. You can go in detail into the forum you just created. Then you can go into the topics inside your forum.

It’s a little bit confusing to kind of understand how the breadcrumb works, but after you kind of set up topics and forums, you can kind of see how it works and stuff like that. Again, it’s a very, very easy way for you to add messaging boards, that kind of thing, to your website. It looks nice. I’m just using the …

I actually just made a reply here just to show you how the replies look. I’m just using the basic WordPress theme. In general, bbPress works with the vast majority of themes out there. If you have a website, give it a go. Most likely it’ll work.

Now the other thing I’m going to do is I’m going to go back into our pages, like I created earlier. You can actually create a page in your website that will display your forum.

I’m going to add a new page. Just give it a name. You can even name whatever you want. I’m just going to visit the website first here, just to see … If we paste in Gallery, no, [inaudible 00:04:16] URL. If you put the forward slash forums at the end, that’ll link to your forum page for bbPress.

If you create a new page and you just give it the title Forums and you publish it, that page should link to all the forums on your website. I give it a click. Yep, we can see here that it’ll link to our bbPress forums. Just create a forums page on your website, and users can click that link. You know, if you have it in like a navigation bar or something like that. That’ll take people to your forums.

That’s how you create a direct link there. That’s something that a lot of people don’t know about who use this plugin.

Now, bbPress is a nice, quick solution if you want to just get messaging boards up and running.

I wouldn’t recommend it if you’re using … If you’re thinking about making a really big forum. That’s going to have a little bit of a better user interface and what like that. You can use software to do that. You can also use some different plugins on WordPress to make better forums. But in general, bbPress works quite well.

It can get the job done if you just want something up and running right away. That’s my quick little tutorial/review of bbPress. Not much, but again, there’s not much to the plugin. It’s very clean and very easy to work with. Nonetheless, if you have any questions or if you use this plugin and you want to share your comments, please do so in the comments below in the video.

If you like these types of videos and you want more web developing tutorials, please subscribe to my channel, guys. I’ll see you later on. Thanks for watching.

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