Team Treehouse TechDegree Review

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The following video is my review of the Treehouse Tech Degree program.

Video Transcript

All right everybody, so today I’m going to be doing a review of the Team Treehouse Tech Degree Program.

I did do a review of Treehouse awhile back, probably about six or seven months ago. I just reviewed the basic and pro plan. Quite awhile ago, Treehouse actually released a tech degree program, and I’m actually enrolled in it myself. Here I’m just on a landing page for team Treehouse. They do offer a seven day free trial for their program and stuff like that, but first I’m going to actually find the tech degree page.

For some reason they don’t have it on their homepage here, so I’m going to actually just go into Google really quickly and find the actual landing page for the tech degree program.

I do believe it’s this one right here. All right, so there we go, we’re actually on the landing page for the tech degree program.

All right, so it kind of gives you a free trial. I think it’s a seven day free trial, like I said, where you don’t have to pay. These are the different tech degree programs they have. It’s a three to 12 month program depending on how fast you go through it I guess, and how disciplined you are to do the actual lectures.

There’s front end web development, Java script, and just Java web development, Python, IOS, and Android development. There’s six different one’s for now, and I’m actually enrolled in the Java script one myself.

You can see here that they have a curriculum, it helps you create a professional portfolio, and all kinds of stuff. If we click on the learn more section here, we can actually see specifics about each tech degree program. We can see there’s 12 projects, 24 courses, 145 quizzes, 185 challenges. Takes about three to nine months, and 174 hours. 174 hours of content and lectures, and if we expand this column we can see all of the different courses.

As you can see there’s quite a bit of stuff in here. It would probably take you quite awhile to get through here. It seems like a big price, and we’ll talk about that when we go through the actual pricing later. Let’s take a quick peek at the projects.

I think these projects are kind of designed as a way to showcase your skills and build your portfolio.

All this stuff you’re building here throughout the program, you can kind of add to a professional portfolio at the end. It’s cool that they have these projects, because learning from building and practicing is the best way to learn web development. Let’s see if we can find the actual price of the program. I’m going to go into the Java script one here, and just take a quick peek.

You can see it’s quite different, the Java script one has a lot more hours, it’s 321 hours. That’s quite a bit. Again like I said, I’m enrolled in this one myself and it’s really high quality stuff. If you took this course you could easily learn everything you need to know in order to get a job, or start your career in web development no problem.

You can see even these individual courses are like 16 hours, 32 hours. All these instructors, and here’s the price right here. $199 a month. That does sound like a lot, but theoretically let’s say you went through the course at like four to five months.

That might be $1,000 or so, but that’s a heck of a lot cheaper than going to school. I actually believe because this tech degree is completely focused on web development, and in a specific type of web development, you will learn a heck of a lot more than you would, for example if you went to school for three years. You’d get it done in half the time.

Again, if we click on the free trial thing you can signup, you can select your plan.

They won’t charge you until the end of the seven day free trial. If you guys want, you can signup and just before the seventh day, like on the sixth or the fifth day if you’re not digging it, if you’re not liking it, just cancel it. You won’t have to pay nothing, and that’s what I did myself when I first tested it.

I’m actually enrolled in the program. I did deactivate my account as I don’t use Treehouse as much anymore, but I still, I think I just have the pro plan. I switched to the pro plan. Again, the tech degree plan is definitely worth it.

This is the dashboard of my account when I’m signed into my tech degree. Again, my things on pause but here’s the different units, here’s what it looks like, the different activity and stuff. You can skip ahead, you don’t have to do them in series. Obviously you kind of want to do them the way they’re designed to do.

If you want to skip ahead, if you want to just check it out, you can always do that. Here’s an example of a project you can do. Again, I can’t really see it because my account isn’t activated. It’s pretty cool, a lot of good stuff in here.

Let’s just check with a video lesson here. This is a lesson on Java script functions. That’s pretty cool, really high quality videos again.

Honestly, I kind of think this is even better than going to school because the tutorials are done really well, and it’s a fraction of the price when you really think about it.

The nice thing about it, being a high price point, is that it will kind of encourage you to get through the program. I’m just going to go into my account settings here, check my enrollment. If the tech degree program is not for you guys, there’s also a basic and a pro program, sorry, of $25 to $50.

You notice that my tech degree is $99 a month, and that’s because I have an old account, and I signed up when it was in kind of beta. The prices were a little bit cheaper, and I still have that price point.

Unfortunately, anybody who’s new is going to be paying $199 a month. I mean again, if you guys … You guys can just pick the basic and bro plan, which is $25 or $50 a month, which again is well worth the price.

The tech degree program would give you a little bit more encouragement. There’s the projects, like I said.

You can see the differences here, actually we’ll go through these. With a tech degree you get a portfolio you get to build, it’s actually graded by people, so people actually review your code when you submit your projects. One on one video mentoring sessions with Treehouse members, a step by step guided curriculum, exclusive access to the slack channel.

A final exam to test and verify your knowledge, certificate, video downloads, conference, videos and bonus content, and then the rest here you can just get on all the plans.

Again, if you’re really serious about coding or web development and you need a little bit of a kick in the butt, and you want to kind of have help, someone to help you and hold your hand, which I highly recommend if you are serious about web development.

Then the tech degree program might be for you. Nonetheless, I do think that the basic program is good for everybody.

I mean, the quality of content and what you could learn with Treehouse for only $25 a month is honestly a steal of a deal. Remember, when you enroll you get access to everything. It’s not like you’re paying $25 for a course, you’re paying $25 a month for all the courses. That’s just something to think about.

Anyways, I just wanted to make this quick video because I’ve actually had a few of my students, and a few people who watched my previous Team Treehouse review video ask me if I recommend their tech degree program.

My final opinion is yes I do highly recommend it for anybody who’s serious about making a career out of web development, or web design, and just working online with building websites or apps. Again, let me know what you guys think of Treehouse if you are a student, if you’re interested in signing up. If you have any questions, just put them in the comments section video.

Thanks for watching. If you guys want more web development tutorials, and reviews, and different things like that, please consider subscribe to my YouTube channel. Lastly, if you guys do want to signup to the tech degree program, there is a link in the description of this video, so check it out.

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