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The following post is a review of The Complete Web Developing Course 2.0. You can enroll in the course by at a discount rate by clicking here.

Hey everybody, I’m back again today for another review. Today, I’m going to be doing a review of The Complete Web Developing Course 2.0 on

Now, this is one of the most popular courses on Udemy and on the web, especially when it comes to web development and programming in general. I just bought this course on Udemy and I’ve actually … I went to the original version of the course a long time ago, and it looks like it’s pretty much the same, just kind of updated.

This course will show you how to build 25 websites using all the different languages, and we have a nice big description here.

Yep, here we go. How does the web work? Setting up hosting, Rob also gives you free hosting with the course. I don’t know if he still does, but he did way back then and that’s Rob Percival right there. Again, it’s a really popular course, it’s really, really big and it kind of basically gives you an introductory to web development as a whole.

Let’s look at some of the sections here. This is the Getting You Started section, this is how to get your hosting and stuff like that. That’s pretty cool of Rob to do.

You buy the course, you get a hosting, that’s pretty cool. It’s the first section here. The second section is going to be the HTML5, bring it down a little bit further here. This is basically just an introduction to HTML, pretty good, starts off pretty good. You want to be introduced to HTML first, that’s the way I recommend people learn.

There’s lots of stuff in here, you can see there’s images, forums, links. Everything you really need to know for starters, right?

If you go a little bit further down, we have CSS3. Again, introduction to CSS, we have inline, external, divs, colors, floats, looks like he has positioning, padding, margins.

Different kinds of stylings, new kind of stuff like, nothing too crazy, but again, if you’re just a beginner this is good stuff to know. There’s also a class project for the BBC News website, that’s pretty cool.

Next, we have JavaScript, a lot of JavaScript basics here, variables, different things like that.

I think there’s some jQuery stuff in there as well. Oh yeah, jQuery’s right here. That’s good stuff to know. And there’s quite a bit here for the price I paid.

Bootstrap 4, that’s Bootstrap 4 which is the latest version of Bootstrap. Some basic stuff for WordPress. Again, nothing crazy but if you’re somebody who’s just starting out with web development and let’s say you don’t really know if web development is for you, I would recommend this course because it gives you an overall feel of the different languages there are when it comes to web development.

Because let’s face it, there’s a lot when it comes to web development.

As you guys can see here, this course is just scratching the surface and we can already see there’s quite a bit, there’s quite a bit of languages here. Rob actually put together a nice little product here that gives you an introductory.

Again, if you’re somebody who’s just starting out or you’re not sure about what language to do, then I would recommend this course. I’m just going to close up these little sections here and yeah, that’s pretty much it.

I’m going to show you guys some more about the course and I’m actually show you guys a video here just to give you an idea of how the lectures are and stuff like that. But everything’s laid out pretty good. The audio and video is really good.

It’s a good quality course here. Again, I do highly recommend it especially if you get it for a discount code, but I’m going to show you guys how to get a discount code if you keep watching til the end of this video. Let’s actually go grab a video here. I’m just gonna pick a random video here.

Let’s go in the CSS section, and let’s pick a random video that Rob did and let’s see what’s going on here. Let’s pick floats because why not?

Play the video. Now, I’m gonna mute it because you guys won’t be able to hear me if it’s playing but you can just see the quality of the video here. It’s loading here. It’s pretty up-to-date. You can see here that Rob talks over here and he shows you guys the code and goes through it step-by-step. This is what you’re building here on the side.

That’s pretty neat. I mean, it’s a good, high-quality course. If you guys like the style of videos that I do on my YouTube channel, Rob kind of does the same thing.

There’s also some files for all the lessons here. After you finish each lesson you can find the files.

There’s also coding exercises as well, so that’s pretty cool. You can see here that this is the actual file here that they did for the lesson. Nice good resources and reference material there. I do like how he did that. This is the little coding exercise with floats. Pretty cool. I do like how Rob added that in there. Pretty good stuff. A lot of courses don’t enough of the coding exercises and that kind of stuff.

Whenever I teach I always try to add a exercise and stuff because the best way to learn is to just do it. You know? That especially applies to web development. Just do it and that’s basically how you learn, you practice and then eventually you get to it.

Anyways, to stay on track here, I’m just gonna type the course in here and we’re gonna take a quick peek at the actual course itself. You’ll see here that … I think this was a New Year’s special, I believe at this time. You can see that the regular price of the course is $200 which is quite expensive.

I probably wouldn’t pay that much for this course but Udemy does do a lot of discounts and you can see here that it’s discounted for $15, so if you’re gonna buy this course wait til Udemy does their discounts. Quite often they do them so just keep and look out for that.

There’s also a link to the course as well in the description of this video. Check out that link and check out the course.

If it’s not discounted, maybe wait til Udemy does a sales event. They usually do them like once or twice a month but I wouldn’t recommend you pay full price for this course as I don’t think it’s worth the full price but if you’re paying 20 bucks, or 30 bucks or something like that, I would definitely recommend The Complete Web Developing Course by Rob Percival for anybody who’s a beginner to web development or just wants to get an introductory to all the different programming languages out there.

Anyways, that’s my review here. I wanted to do the review of this course because it’s a very popular one.

I’ve had a lot of people ask me about this one in particular and a lot of courses on Udemy in general. If you guys want to see some more courses, if you guys want to get my opinion on them, just let me know.

Let me know in the comment section of this video and let me know if you guys want to see more videos like this and I’ll put them up so you guys can see inside the courses before you buy them and whatnot. Anyways, if you guys like this video please give a like, if you guys like this kind of stuff, if you guys want more programming tutorials please check out my channel. You can subscribe and thanks for watching guys.

I’ll see you next time.

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