What is a Domain Name?

The following video will introduce you to domain names and show you how you can very easily purchase a domain name from Godaddy.

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Video Transcript:

this video, we are going to learn exactly what a domain name is and how to buy a domain name online from an online domain name provider. I’m also going to go through some simple and quick tips for when it comes to picking a domain name that you can use for your business as well. First of all, what exactly is a domain name? Well the domain name is basically the homepage URL of your website. For example, if you go to the google.com homepage, we can see that the homepage and domain name is www.google.com or, in this case, google.ca.

When it comes to picking a domain name, you would normally pick the name of your company or business or, in the case of my own personal blog, you could pick your name as well so when people search, they would know how to find me.

Now, we are going to head on over to godaddy.com, which is also an example of a domain name.

You can find GoDaddy by typing it into Google or by looking in the course text files for each lesson that I will be providing for reference links and materials that I mention throughout this course as well. Now, that we are headed on over to godaddy.com, this is what we see on the main homepage of the website. If we are interested in a particular domain name, we can type it into the search box here and see if it is available for us to purchase.

The domain name for the project that we are going to be building throughout this course is www.learnhowtowordpress.com. We can see that our domain name is available as well as the .com extension which is ideal in most situations and cases. If you can’t manage to get a .com extension for your website, that is fine. Any other variations such as .net, .org or even .info would do just as well if needed.

Now, we are going to hit the select button. It would take us to this next screen. On this next screen, we are going to decide if we want to purchase a hosting account to go with our domain name as well. When it comes to hosting, I like to keep my domain name and web host with the same company.

It makes support and everything much easier to manage. Let’s look at the hosting plans that GoDaddy can offer us. We can see that they have either the economy hosting package or the deluxe hosting package. I’m going to go with the deluxe here since it is a better deal.

Once you have decided on the hosting plan you want, we will scroll down and go to the next screen. Here, GoDaddy wants us to select our payment plan and details.

I’m going to go with the one year plan for the domain name and the one month plan for the hosting package as well. Now, that we have finished selecting our plan for a hosting and domain name, we will see the total here on the side and we can proceed to the check out.

If you are a new customer to GoDaddy, you will want to fill out your details here and, if not, you can log in to the side. We will select “new customers” since most people watching this video will probably not have a hosting account previously set up.

Fill in your personal information and pay for your order and we will continue where we left off in the next video.

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