WordPress Basics – The Difference Between WordPress.org and Self Hosted Websites

There are two different types of WordPress websites that we can create online. The two different types are a free host website on WordPress.com and a self-hosted WordPress install on your own domain and hosting account. In this video, we will briefly go over how to set up a free website and go over the pros and cons of doing so. In order to get started, we will need to head on over to WordPress.com.

We will then click the giant blue button in the middle here and begin the process of creating our own free website. Next, we pick the site address of our blog, which would generally be the name that our site to be called. Let’s go with www.LearnHowToCreateWordPress.com, or whichever you prefer.

We click “Create Your Site” and the screen that follows will pop up. We will enter our email and username details quickly and complete this step.

We then want to click on “No Thanks” and select the free option for our blog.

Now if we click on “My Site” and then view our website, we can see that everything is correctly set up and working just the way we want it to. We can go back into our dashboard and add posts and pages and get started with designing and changing our how new WordPress blog will look.

The pros of using this approach is that we can get a free website set up quickly and working on the web. For some people, this will work perfectly fine.

But if you are really serious about your website, you are going to want your own domain name and hosting account so you can access more features in WordPress, have more control, and, more importantly be in 100% control and ownership of your website. In the next video, we are going to learn exactly how to set up a domain name and get started creating our self-hosted WordPress website.

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